Sunday, October 2, 2016

Blue sky day in Chance Cove

ll last week I kept an eye on the long range forecast.  I mailed a few people on Monday to propose a kayak camp trip from Chance Cove to Bull Arm.  Cathy, Dean, Derek, Gary and Hazen replied with interest.  The good long range forecast held so on Saturday I went to meet the gang for the convoy out to Chance Cove.  The sun cast the shadow of my car and kayak on the side of the highway which I though was pretty cool.

At Chance Cove we loaded up the kayaks for our one night trip and ...

... hit the water leading out of the cove.

The shore running northeast of Chance Cove is one of the most scenic on the Avalon Peninsula with sea stacks and cliff holes to pass through.

Hazen and the first of a line of sea stacks.



This one was a huge block separated from the mainland by sea.  These sea stacks testify to the fury of the waves that are unleashed against the shore driven by winds out of a northerly direction.


At Western Head we had run out of sea stacks and made a short crossing of Rantem Cove to land at a beach just inside Masters Head.  The plan was to land here and set up our tents and unload our kayaks before extending our day paddle into Bull Arm.

With the tents set up Dean, Derek and Gary decided to call it a day and just relax in camp.  Cathy, Hazen and I ate lunch and headed for Bull Arm.  The object was to visit a Dorset Palaeoeskimo archaeology site at Stock Cove and a little further down the Arm, the construction site for the gravity based structure that will produce oil in the Hebron oil field.


  1. Great pix so far Tony! :) I always love the shadow of the car and kayak along the road... What beautiful pix of an awesome thing that we do! :) Thanks for always catching the memories!!

  2. Thanks Cathy, it is an awesome thing we do and I'm happy to be able to share the experience through my blog.