Thursday, August 18, 2016

On the rocks

Last evening the group split into two.

One group of four went for a paddle down the coast.

Our group of five played around the rocks.

Dean and Shane were in the Karma RGs by Jackson and Neville was in his P&H Hammer.  Clyde was in his plastic Nordkapp.  I was rolling the dice in my fibreglass Nordkapp.

Here goes Shane throwing himself in undaunted by the lack of water.  What's impressive is he's only been paddling just over a year.

The guys in the short boats really got in and among the rocks.

Clyde too got into the rocks but was limited somewhat by the manoeuvreability of the longer boat.  But, he didn't need to be as careful as myself.

I needed places where I could get a straight run through the rock gardens.  Even so at one point I caught a large wave that deposited me on top of the rocks.  A cushion of water meant I didn't do any serious damage (just some new scratches) but I did have quite a job to extricate myself, with a little help from Shane.

It was a fun evening.  Maybe next time I'll bring my creeker?  Not ideal but a better option than a long fibreglass kayak.


  1. Really fun night! Thanks for the great pics Tony...glad to hear you kayak didn't take any serious damage.

  2. Shane, you're insane by *lol*

    Tony :-)