Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Paddling in Cape Broyle with Snow White and some of the dwarfs (Part 2)

After we stopped for lunch at Church Cove we continued east a short distance to the entrance of Cathedral Cave.  It was snowing pretty good showing up as streaks but it ...

... wasn't snowing at the end of the cave which is some 30 - 40 meters deep with a ...

... big, wide open mouth.

Cathy (Snow White) continuing east under the stark, deeply carved cliffs.  The snow really accentuated the detail.

We explore another cave that was barely wider that out paddles.  Cathy backed in, I followed my nose.

Not long after we were at the entrance to Cape Broyle and facing the open North Atlantic at North Point.  We really felt the force of the wind but we ...

... poked our bows out till we could see the up and down the coast before ...

... high tailing it back into the protection of the harbour.

Cathy Shane and I paddled back along the shore whereas Derek and Gerard were well offshore and missed this and ...

... this.

Soon we were back in Lance Cove paddling by the seastack where we had earlier seen an eagle on top.  There was no sign of it this time.  Maybe it took cover from the snow that continued...

... to fall.

The tide had fallen since we went through this tunnel on the outward leg when gaining entrance was so much easier.  The exit with the lower tide was a bit more tricky.

The rest of the return to the cars was an uneventful relaxed paddle and as the battery in the camera had died, I didn't miss capturing much.  We changed out of our paddling clothes in the falling snow, packed it away and stopped for coffee and some food at the nearby restaurant mightily pleased with our day.

Cathy's Mom may have called her Snow White and the guys she paddles with, the dwarfs, but I think she might be Wonder Woman out for a paddle with the Fantastic Four.  At least it was a fantastic day.


  1. I love your blog; the pictures, geology, and history.

  2. Thanks Ross, its a bit of "work" but its nice to know people like yourself enjoy it. I like the chance to share our great coastline.

    Tony :-)