Monday, March 7, 2016

Iceberg Alley check in

We live next door to iceberg alley.  This time of year I always start to anticipate the arrival of icebergs off of our shores.  The iceberg map shows a considerable number of bergs that are waiting to drift our direction.  For them to come within reach we need a sustained period of northeast and northerly winds to drive them on shore.  Otherwise they drift south further offshore in the Labrador current.

Last year was not a good year.  We managed to check one out in Torbay.

It was only a single berg and I thought it might be the only one I'd see for the year but ...

... as luck would have it, I bagged two more on a solo trip in White Bay later in June.

It was slim pickings compared to the year before when I was among more than 25 bergs near the community of Keels.

So, fingers crossed for this year and a banner crop.

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