Monday, March 28, 2016

If it looks familiar, its because it is

If these pictures look familiar its because we paddled the same coast as Friday three days ago but the pictures were from today.  Friday it was Dean, Tobias and myself.

Today, Monday, it was a five some of Brian, Cathy, Dean, Shane and myself.  We put-in about two hours before high tide so some spots were difficult to get through and ...

... there were some small waves that made it just interesting enough to make it fun along the coastline.

More rocks to paddle around.

The closer we got to Topsail Beach the rock cropping out from sea level gave way to boulders that had fallen from the higher cliffs above and rolled into the sea.  Some lurked just below the surface and could only be made out by watching were the small waves broke.

Arriving at Topsail Beach water was flowing through a gap from the pond behind the beach.  A vain attempt was made to play in it but there wasn't enough run off.

After a brief stop we retraced our path.  The wind did pick up a little making possible mini surf rides.  Along the cliffs and among the rocks the waves made for swashbuckling conditions.

Back near St. Philips Cathy and I paddled around "The Rock of Ages" as the others were detained behind us.  We carried on to paddle up ...

... the river to wash off in the fresh water.  Our route today was a familiar one but it seems that even with a small change in tide, waves and wind it presents a fresh face the most notable being the open flowing water of the river where Friday it was ...

... impossible to get through the hard frozen water.  It was cool today but at least it wasn't solid.

We all agreed we had an enjoyable paddle.  For Dean and Shane it was well worth taking the day off of work.


  1. So good to get on the water today Tony! Thanks for the day and the pix!!!

  2. Another excellent day and thank you too Cathy, and the rest of the gang, for sharing the day.

    Tony :-)