Saturday, December 26, 2015

Top 10 paddles of 2015 - #6

On March 15th Dean, Gerard and I were in Tors Cove for a paddle.  While spring was less than a week away the cold of winter persisted.

There was a skim of ice on the salt water and ...

... winter still held its grip on the land as well.

We left Tors Cove for Great Island.  As we approached we encountered more ice on the surface.  That was a surprise.

We tried to push ourselves through the ice that blocked our path but it proved too thick.  We changed course towards the mainland.

It was no longer paddling but pulling ourselves through the ice at a snail's pace.  We became icebreakers.

The closer we got to the mainland more breaks in the ice opened up that we navigated through.

The GoPro started to grow icicles.  Nothing spells cold like salt water forming icicles due to its lower freezing temperature compared to fresh water.

It was cold but sunny and bright.  Near shore there was more open water as we began a return to Tors Cove stopping on ...

... Ship Island for a bite to eat and a stretch.  Again, there was no sign that spring was in the near offing.

After a most satisfying day we were soon within sight of the take-out.  It was a most unusual day encountering ice on the open sea and that's what made it memorable.

The above are some shots that didn't make the original post.  I also recorded some video which shows how we turned our sea kayaks into icebreakers.

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