Sunday, December 27, 2015

Top 10 paddles of 2015 - #5

There was a report of an iceberg in Torbay so on May 3rd Clyde, Dean, Hazen and I met in Middle Cove to put in for the short paddle to Torbay and the iceberg.  There was a nice swell running in from the north which made for an entertaining ride.

As we reached Motion the berg in Torbay came into view in the distance.

A short time later we were beside the huge berg.

It was all one berg under water with its three separate towers poking skywards.

We were certain it was grounded.  90% of the iceberg is under water so we did a mental calculation and figured the water wasn't all that deep.

We paddled around the berg checking out all its facets an came back to where we first arrived.  The paddle was only a short one but the objective on the day was the iceberg and not the distance.

Turns out a fellow paddler was out for a hike the same day and took some pictures of us around the berg.  We're just specks on the ocean in comparison but if the picture is enlarged by clicking on it I can be seen in the front middle and Hazen can be seen just on the right hand side.

2014 was a banner year for icebergs.  I paddled near dozens.  The icebergs were scarce in 2015 so when there's a report of a berg we took advantage.  This lone berg was a beauty and that's why this paddle is on my list of top 10 paddles for the year.

The original post is here with other, different pictures.


  1. Totally cool! Icebergs is one of the things we don't have here. Small flakes of ice is NOT the same! Lucky you!

  2. The icebergs sometimes don't drift close to shore but when they do we try to get out to see them. Nice then to share pictures with people who don't get the opportunity.

    Tony :-)