Sunday, February 1, 2015

Oh, lonesome me!

Saturday I was all ready to join Brian, Clyde, Dean and Terry for  paddle but my paddle plans got hijacked.  When Dean posted his pictures from the paddle I knew I missed a good day.

Today, Sunday, I couldn't convince any of them to paddle again.  They had their fix and the weather was not very enjoyable.  I planned to go deciding I would wait till later in the day when there was a chance for improved conditions.

After dinner I drove to St Philips to get my fix.  It was 6C.  Rain has just about washed away what snow was on the ground.

It was trying to brighten up towards Bell Island as I looked out from my perch behind the rock on the left.

Its been a strange winter so far.  Some days bone chilling cold.  In the morning today rain now cascading over the cliff between remnants of icicles formed when it was cold.

The water was low with not enough swell to ride over some rocks.

Kellys Island and Little Bell Island float on the horizon in the distance.

As I approached Steen van Anton the sun found an opening in the clouds and the sea sparkled with dancing diamonds.

At Topsail Beach I took out for a snack.  There were lots of people out enjoying the break in winter.  I took out on the far side of the stream flowing out of the lagoon.  I didn't feel like fielding questions that people usually ask about kayaking.

Anyway, I got out.  Unfortunately no shots of other kayaks.  I made up for it by visualizing myself paddling along an exposed coast by myself on some great adventure.

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