Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Another gadget

When I started kayaking I bought the kayak, paddle, PFD, spray skirt, a sponge and a paddle float.  That got me started.  Little did I know I was setting out on a spending spree, seemingly without an end.  Following the basics I bought a pile of camping gear, a VHF radio, a GPS etc, etc.

The latest gadget to suck money out of my pockets is a barometer, a docooler Sunroad FR500 Multifunction LCD Digital Altimeter Compass Thermometer Hygrometer Weather Forecast LED Torch purchased at Amazon.

I thought I needed one for longer trips to supplement the marine forecast and what I could figure out from incoming cloud formations.  I wanted to be able to log the rise and fall of the barometric pressure which heralds high and low pressure systems.

The unit shows, from bottom to top (the shot above is on the temperature setting), the local barometric pressure, a graph showing the last 24 hour trend, the sea level pressure and graphic showing the trend with a weather outlook.

The pressure it shows is 2 to 2.5 points below the local weather station but that may be due to difference in altitude between the two locations.  The unit does move in step with the falling or rising pressure at the weather station.

The sea level pressure doesn't give accurate info because at sea level the two readings are different when they should be the same.  No big deal.

It shows a sun symbol even when its raining.  Can't figure that out!

The battery is rechargeable and so far has lasted over a week on the charge it came with.

I think its going to be useful.  The question is, will it be the last thing I need to buy?

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