Friday, December 26, 2014

Top paddles of 2014 - #7

My number 7 top paddle of the year was a cape rounding.  Capes are usually active areas and on August 24th Cape St. Francis lived up to the billing..  Dean, Des and I met in Pouch Cove to drop the boats and then made the short car shuttle to the other side of the peninsula at Bauline.

The slipway at Pouch Cove is very steep and the launch area constricted with large waves rolling in.  We left just after 10:30.

Approaching the Cape from the east side ...

... and around on the west side.

Three hours after launch we paddled into Bauline perched on the side of the rocky cliffs that are only a notch in a long, high coastline.

Rarely are capes placid places to paddle.  They can be downright dangerous places.  The day we picked offered true open ocean paddling.  It was a memorable day in kayaks and that's why its on my list.  Also, it was three Nordkapps made for the environment.  More, other shots from the day on my original post.

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