Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 10 paddles of 2014 - #2

The weekend of June 7th saw me at the old community of Keels in Bonavista Bay.  I was by myself as no one else was took the bait of vast numbers of reported icebergs.  A three hour drive from home saw me at Backside Cove looking out over a horizon filled with icebergs.

I worked myself out to the northwest extremity of the main pack and then ...

... made my way east dropping by huge mountains of ice.

I may have been distracted somewhat by the bergs when I noticed I was well offshore but it was calm and I was unconcerned.

Every berg a different shape.

Once before I was among large numbers of bergs.  Then I was rushed to make a timed meeting.  On this day I was by myself without a timetable so I took my time ...

... because it may be years before I might get the opportunity again.

If I could have looked in a mirror I'm sure my eyes would have been as big as saucers.  I stopped counting the icebergs at 25 but there were many more out there.  The day was getting on and the other bergs were too far out in the bay to make a timely return to shore so I called it a day.

The above shots were some of the many that didn't make the original post, though they were just as spectacular.

I padded back to take out with one of the most satisfied feelings ever in a kayak.  I was so completely pleased with myself for not letting this experience pass me by just because no one else decided to join me.

The carry back to the car was a long carry up a steep bank.  Breathing heavily I took off my paddling gear and drove to ...

... Lockston Path Provincial Park where I camped for the evening.  It was a most pleasant ending to a very large day.

The three hour drive out in anticipation of what I would find, the paddle among the bergs and the solo camping to end the day made this an easy choice for my second most enjoyable paddle of 2014.  The number one paddle therefore must be something to top it.  Wait and see *lol*.

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