Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top 10 paddles of 2014 - #3

The weekend of June 21st Brian, Clyde, Dean, Hazen and I took a short weekend kayak camp trip to Great Colinet Island in St. Mary's Bay.  It was the first day of summer.

This is the shortened version of the trip.  The original post with more shots and detail are here.

We left from Admirals Beach for the short crossing to the island and ...

... a paddle south along the west side of the island to ...

... Wild Cove where we set up camp under mostly clear sunny skies.

Wild Cove faces south and with unlimited fetch its easy to speculate how it came by its name.  We were camped at the far end of the beach about in the center of the picture.

There were at least two items on the agenda.  First was roasting a duck Dean had bought over an open fire.  Second, was a test of Dean's new ...

... super tarp he's dubbed "Big Yellow" which we pitched under the peak of the cobble beach on the downside.  After the duck was roasted and devoured, wood was piled on the fire and we stood around it for heat.  Even on the first day of summer it still gets chilly after the sun goes down and more so with cold refreshments in hand.

All good things must come to an end and so it was on Sunday we broke camp to paddle back to Admirals Beach for the drive home.  We returned along the east side of the island which on its southern end was dotted with little coves protected by steep cliffs.

The topography lowered as the land stretched to the north.  More of the return paddle from the original post is here.

The resettled community of Mosquito was located on this shore.  We stopped for a look around and found old concrete foundations and narcissus blooms in the overgrowing grasses.

One thing I find interesting in the resettled communities of Newfoundland is the abandoned cemeteries.  More shots from our look around as originally posted are here.

Walking down from the cemetery I had a good view over the former fields and over the narrow channel separating the island from Admirals Beach on the mainland.

It was only a two day, one night trip.  It was a quick getaway that didn't need much planning with good friends.  Its a good reason to put it on my list of top paddles for the year.

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