Friday, November 14, 2014

Taking a provisional paddle

I'm taking a term from golf for today's paddle.  If a golfer suspects they have driven their tee-shot out of bounds they can play a provisional ball.  If the original drive is out of bounds they play the provisional and take the penalty.

Today it was foggy but not a breath of wind.  It may not be great weather this weekend so I decided I'd go for a quick solo paddle after my class so I'd at least get one in.  There was no wind but a bit of swell.  Here at Up-around-ya Corner a rock guards the entry.  The swell runs in around the rock, meets behind it and does ker-sploosh.

Up past St. Thomas Cove it got more civil.  Here it was no sweat getting in behind Steen van Anton.

The fog made it look like the rocks were floating in the air.

Little Bell Island came into view during a momentary easing of the fog.

I got out at Topsail Beach to surreptitiously relieve myself as there were other people about.  A saving grace to have the spray skirt *lol*

I got back in the kayak and it was the highlight of the paddle.  I had the most graceful, elegant surf launch ever.  I was very pleased with myself I have to admit.  Not to get smug about it because the next may not be a sweet.

I also managed to get over the 900 km mark for the year.  Its unthinkable to end the year with less than 1,000 kilometers paddled.  It looks within reach.

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