Sunday, November 23, 2014

Seven on the sea

The forecast again did not favour us this weekend.  The winds yesterday an the wind chill did not appeal.  Today the wind was forecasted to be W 40 kms with a windchill of -3C.  It wasn't as windy nor as cold as forecasted but it was raw.  Nonetheless, seven of us (Brian, Clyde, Dean, Hazen, Neville and Sean) met for a paddle.

We got underway in choppy seas under grey skies.

We had pecks of rain that landed on the camera lens.  Oh Well!

Today was the first time we've seen Clyde in months.  Here and there the remnants of yesterday's -12 C windchill were evident on the cliffs as icicles.  We know where its going from here and its not going to get warmer.

Neville has also been scarce on weekends but made it today.

Hazen was in his old plastic Aquanaut today.  For good reason too.  Last weekend he got thrown up on the rocks and  holed his kevlar Torngat, separated the deck and hull over a three foot length behind the cockpit and other general cosmetic injuries.  The Torngat is waiting for a opening in sickbay so the financial damage as not yet been ascertained.  He's taking it well!

Dean and Sean.

Near Topsail a squall descended on us bringing with it hail.  I wondered who suggested this paddle today.  Oh yes, my fault.

At Topsail Beach we got out to snack and stretch our legs and doctor Hazen's backband.The cold weather has us back on the water before long to retrace our track to St. Philips where ...

... some of us did our customary wash in the fresh water of the river.

A most entertaining paddle along a familiar coast.  One we paddled also last weekend but this was different.  Last weekend we had some swell whereas this weekend it was just wind waves.  Swell is unpredictable meaning good judgement had to be exercised padding in the rocks.  Wind waves are more predictable so what you see is what you get.  There won't be any surprises once an assessment of the situation is made.  We got into most of the rocky places today.

It was familiar but at least it was in the kayak.  Thanks to the guys for sharing the day.

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