Friday, August 22, 2014

Thursday evening shenanigans

Yesterday evening was the first evening we've had some conditions at St. Philips in a long time.  We meet every Thursday evening to practice rescues etc.  When its calm we'll do a few rolls and then go for a paddle up the coast.

We each took turns playing around this rock with breaking waves.

Then we took turns jumping out of our kayaks to do some self rescues.  After mastering the back deck scramble in calm water it must be mastered in waves; that is where the skill is most likely to be needed.

We did a few assisted rescues.  It was Sam's first evening out and he was more than eager to join in festivities.  Here he rescues Dean.  The camera as usual flattens the water.

Neville wanted to do a tow and who am I to turn down a free ride? *lol*

As the light began to fade we called it a night.

It was a most enjoyable and productive evening with some rolls and surf rides thrown in.

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