Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

I read the news today, Oh boy (lol) not about a "lucky man who made the grade" but about the discovery of a hand grenade in the water of the St. Philips boat basin.  Coincidently, Derrick mailed me to see if I was interested in a paddle out of St. Philips.  Sounded good to me because I'd also be able to see what was going on with this potentially explosive development.

I arrived to see a police car with crime tape limiting access.  No problem.  I was putting in at the river.  I suspected the officer would be over soon to tell me I couldn't put-in there so, based on the principle "its better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission", I hastily got in the kayak.  Sure enough he came over as I was half way out but it was too late to turn me back.

Derrick had put-in on the slipway, away from where the grenade was found and together we paddled out of the harbour.  Derrick suggested a paddle to Brocks Pond Falls.  I had been there just over a week ago but that was good with me - it was a chance to catch up on last years mileage year to date.

It was just the two of us.  I hadn't paddled with Derrick in a while so we did a fair bit of yacking, except here where we paddled single file at Sailing Point.

The sun was forecasted to make an appearance but we didn't see any sign of it.

Nine kilometers later we were at Brocks Pond Falls where the waters of Brocks Pond cascade over cliffs 300 feet high.

As I did a week ago Sunday, I pulled the kayak up on the rocks to answer the call of nature while Derrick waits offshore.

I figured I may as well catch a shower while I was at it.

Water falling from 300 feet has  bit of a punch to it.

Back in the boat we made our way back to St Philips.  As we neared the harbour we talked strategy that would allow me to sprint back to the river before the police officer could stop me.  Sure enough I was hailed but I talked my way out of it and up the river for a wash up anyway.

We stopped for coffee and helped ourselves to refills.

The grenade you know about.  The horseshoe, well, that was just luck, lucky to have another day on the water.  Thanks Derrick, I would not have paddled otherwise.

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