Thursday, October 11, 2012

The last time

Well, October 11 was the last Thursday evening practice session at St. Philips for the year.  It was a windy and rainy evening and it seems everyone else gave it a pass.  I stuck round in the cove for a while and then decided to paddle up the shore a bit.

The wind was ESE when I left the cove but in very short order the wind turned WSW as forecasted.  And, it picked up considerably.  In no time at all I was paddling into 20 kt winds with gusts to 30 and 1 meter wind waves.  I turned back.  There was spray coming off the waves.  I thought to myself, I better hold the paddle a bit tighter.

There was no panic, just some super surf rides.  The strong winds at my back made it easy to catch the waves.

When I got back the light was failing.  The evenings from now on will be just to short to make it worthwhile.

We've had a mild summer in term of conditions but it was successful nonetheless.  Our average contingent over the summer was 6-7 paddlers.  The most I believe was 10 and the fewest was one, this evening.

I'll miss these Thursday evening events because its not all about practice but a chance for a bit of social interaction.


  1. Well Tony, trust it to you to get out there on Thursday, even if it is only 'practice for one'... I don't think I made it to half of them this year... but hopefully next year I can get back on track with them....

  2. I felt I had to go in case anyone else showed up. I held out hope that you had the use of your car ... if you did I knew you'd be there.

    We'll just move these practices to the weekend when its not fit to paddle otherwise.

    Tony :-)

  3. that's funny, we'll paddle on weekends when it's not fit to paddle....