Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another seat repair

Last year after my Long Island trip I had a repair to do on my seat.  The seat had broken away on the left side from where it attaches to the deck beside the cockpit.  The repair is still good but Thursday evening the other side cracked off also.

Today it raining,  perfect opportunity to fix up the new injury.

Fellow kayak blogger Gnarlydog from Australia left a message with a link to a Nordkapp seat replacement he did.  I had a look and its a fine job but I'm not sure about my capabilities to replicate the job.  I elected to duplicate my repair of last year.  I epoxied the broken piece back in and went to step 2.

While the epoxy was drying I bent up a piece of metal (laying on deck) and cut it to fit over the plastic.  Some pop rivets and now its well reinforced.  Both sides should be fine now and I'm good to go again.

Considering what I paid for the kayak, I shouldn't have to be doing this.  The Nordkapp by Valley is top of the line in terms of layup, handling etc, etc but they just didn't get this seating set-up right.  If this was a car there would be a recall.  No?

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