Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One is (not always) the lonliest number

I've been working like a dog since the start of fall.  Trying to get a few jobs finished before winter.  Today I decided to take the afternoon off and go for a paddle.  I had to.

I went by myself.  It was one of those times when being alone let me take my time, time to reflect.

Paddling with a group often means keeping up.   But today I was on my own timetable. Time to stop and just float, listening to the water wash over the rocks.  Time to marvel at the forces of nature.  Here, the rocks have all been contorted out of shape in the Topsail fault zone. Time to feel small but connected to reality.

Being alone means no one talk to but that's OK too if you don't mind keeping yourself company.  Here, in one of my favourite little channels, I stopped.  In the silence I could hear myself breathe and feel the beating of the heart in my chest.  I felt alive.

Beachy Cove, a popular spot on hot summer days was thankfully deserted.  I noted a few trees shedding their leaves, a stark realization that another season was passing by.  A reminder to step off the treadmill sometimes ... rather ... more often.

The gentle NW breeze kept me cool adding to the sensual experience of being out by myself.

Today was a zen paddle.  I felt refreshed, rejuvenated.

I enjoyed my solo paddle but most often I enjoy the company of friends.  No man is an island; in a kayak, upon the sea, is meant to be shared.  After all, kayaking pictures need other kayakers in them.  Otherwise, they're just pictures of seascapes.


  1. Hi Tony, I couldn't agree more. Since April, the majority of my paddling has been solo. I find I am much more aware of things round me than when in a group.

  2. Douglas, its not only loss of control over time and pace but I find when I take pictures I'm always and forever playing catch-up.

    Stay safe when you paddle alone.

    Tony :-)

  3. Cherish the time alone because it makes you a better person.
    You are lucky that where you paddle you have silence from motorboat traffic.
    While company is something I seek, I find it hard to find paddlers that have the same values as me, a similar skill level but above all respect for each other.
    Alone sometimes IS the best number.

  4. Paddling alone is also an opportunity to connect with myself, if that makes sense.

    I am lucky that I have paddle friends that share my values, actually, the people I paddle with most have become friends. I think our values have meshed because we've paddled a lot together. Gnarlydog, you look to have some very well placed values that I would think would attract the right personalities!

    But, solo is good and as you say, sometimes its the best number.

    All the best
    Tony -)