Thursday, June 1, 2017

More than an icecube

Last Friday five of us paddled out to three icebergs off of Topsail Beach.  Looking north we saw a gigantic iceberg some unknown distance away.  Kind tides, current and wind over two days brought it within reach.  To get there on Sunday we did an open crossing of approximately 6 kms.  The berg is just in front of the blue kayak but difficult to see without enlarging.

Bobbie, Cathy, Dean, Gary, Ron, Terry and I homed in on the berg steadily and as we paddled it got bigger until we were ...

... right on it filling the field of view.

There's not much of a story at this stage as we paddled back and forth and around the berg commenting how big it was.  I got a shot of each of the group with the iceberg.  Here is Terry.

Hazen, arriving late, invited Bobbie for what I think was her first encounter with an iceberg.  At least in her new blue kayak.

Gary in the red boat and Cathy add perspective to the size of the thing.

Ron on the south side of the iceberg.


Here's Hazen at the north side in front of what was a small cove in the berg.  Hazen organized the paddle to meet at 1:00 to get ready to put in.  Twenty minutes later and still no Hazen we set off not knowing if he would show.  He was late and paddled down by himself to join the rest of us.

As most people will know 90% of an iceberg is below the water line.  Its not hard to imagine the true size of the thing and even at that size it was not grounded.  Using the distant Bell Island I could see it was rifting north on the ebb tide.

So, that's four bergs for me so far this year, in two days in fact.  Often times the prevailing southwesterly winds keep the icebergs offshore.  When they do come close we try to take advantage and get out to see them thankful we live in iceberg alley.

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