Monday, April 17, 2017

Puttin' another day on ice

Roy and I couldn't get further than Portugal Cove where the ice was packed too tight to get through so we turned and headed back.  Where we followed the shoreline north paddling by bits of ice, on the return we paddled out into the bay to paddle ...

... through the ice field filled with various size chunks of ice and ...

... and ice pans.

Eventually the ice tailed off towards the southwest and we were in open water.

I suggested heading over to a couple of larger bits of ice on our way back to shore where ...

... there was still ice floating in the water.

Back in the cove I wrestled a good chunk of ice board to take home for refreshments.

So, the fourth day paddling around the sea ice came to an end.  Its been an absolute fantastic last four paddles.  I won't mind if the ice blows off shore; I'm ready now to change focus to icebergs.


  1. More ice for your refreshments Tony. With love from Greenland.!/

    I hope Google can translate it.

  2. Yes Heine, That berg is some 100 kms from me and I plan to check it out. Two of my paddle colleagues were there two weeks ago to paddle around the berg:

    These bergs drift down from the Greenland ice sheet so thanks for that!!!!

    Tony :-)

  3. Fascinating Tony, it must be a little scary and at the same time very exciting to get as close to a floating island of ice as you can.

    1. Yes, it is Heine. Sunday we were also out and with a little swell we had to be careful especially between the ice and rocks as the pieces of ice moved back and forth.