Sunday, April 23, 2017

Among the bergy bits

I got up this morning and looked outside.  We were still getting freezing rain after some 30 hours of it.  It weighed down the trees around my home.  I wondered whether we'd paddle.  Some mailed to ask if a paddle was on.  That was the incentive I needed and replied yes.

Cathy, Clyde, Dean and I were up for it.  When we arrived at the put-in we were delighted to see some good sized chunks of ice just outside of the harbour.  Where I had paddled the last two weeks around one year ice pans, these chunks were pieces of icebergs that had broken off.

They weren't icebergs per se but bergy bits.  Outside of this jumble of bergy bits there was only open water so we paddled around them for some time.

Clyde in among the bits and ...

... Cathy.

After we had our fill of that and providing photo ops for people standing on the wharf there to sight see, we paddled north to see what other ice was around.  There were still a few icicles on the cliffs and the trees above were coated with freezing rain and drizzle.

The bergy bits were the main attraction today but the rocks called to us also.

Then more ice to explore.

Four kilometers on we were stymied by a field of ice pans.

With no way through except the long way around we decided to return.

We passed by some interesting ice sculptures while still ...

... exploring and paddling between the icy bits.

So, it is technically spring but it doesn't feel any different from winter.  Cathy lamented the limited opportunities to paddle this past winter but here are still opportunities in the winter like weather.  We had fog to start, then it pecked rain, then we had ice pellets and finished the paddle with snow falling.

We all must have enjoyed the day as I didn't hear any complaining as the four of us sat in the nearby restaurant for a well deserved warm-up coffee or tea.  Another awesome day spent in the kayak.

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