Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Three hounds chasing a rock

After paddling out of Bay Bulls and paddling through the sea stacks at the headland we entered Witless Bay.  There we entered this indent in the red sandstone cliffs to investigate.

On the left a dark cavern opened under the gently sloping sedimentary beds.  We looked in and could see daylight through the smallest of openings at its end.

Inside I looked out at the crew taking in the awesomeness.

Onward we went until we ...

... came to this cave that we had to check out.

Another cave that attracted all of us with room for all.

Whereas we had a cold easterly breeze in our faces paddling out of Bay Bulls, we had it at our backs on our entry into Witless Bay.  Here Brian and Dean wait for Clyde to ride a bit of surge over a rock.

Eventually the land had less appeal and we paddled directly to the beach in Witless Bay for lunch.  Those of us who had coats or a cag donned them to keep warm in the cold.  Three dogs entertained us on the beach by constantly picking up this one rock for us to throw and play fetch.  Fog began to roll in from the open ocean while we ate our lunch so it wasn't long before we left the dogs to amuse themselves and we were back in our kayaks to retrace our route to Bay Bulls.

Back in Bay Bulls Derek had to rush home while Brian, Cathy, Clyde, Dean Hazen and I went for a coffee and warm-up.  Cathy picked up the tab so thanks for that and Hazen had Girl Guide cookies he was trying to push.  Overal, a most enjoyable trip punctuated by amazing seascapes.

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  1. This looks like an excellent trip!
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