Sunday, May 29, 2016

Oh crappy day ... oh happy day

The forecast was not looking good for this weekend.  I got up this morning to a 1C day (-4C with wind chill).  It wasn't freezing but there is a big difference between a 1C sunny day and a 1C drizzly, foggy day.  It was overcast and drizzly and it was raw.  Just what the weather person predicted.

Nonetheless, 5 of us took the bait.

It wasn't only raw but the wind was blowing out of the cold north too.  Sustained winds were blowing at 30 kms with gusts to 50.  I thought it was a recipe for just a few surf rides in the cove, which we did until someone, I think Hazen, proposed a paddle up the shore a bit.  Off we (Clyde, Gary, Hazen, Neville and myself) went into the teeth of the waves and wind.  I took up the rear to take pictures.  Frequently my paddle mates disappeared over the 1 - 1.5 meter wind waves.

Every time I pulled out the camera to take a picture I lost 2 to 3 boat lengths to the guys.  I was constantly playing catch up.

Neville sees me raise the camera and raises his paddle signifying his pure enjoyment of the environment.

I wondered how far we'd go, or at least, where would Hazen stop for a break so I could get back on to the group.

Near Beachy Cove I saw Hazen angling into the small protected cove where we got some respite from the wind.

After a while Clyde, Neville and myself assumed we'd finish the distance to Portugal Cove and started into the wind again.  Hazen called out that he and Gary were going back.  I said to Clyde maybe we should go back with them.  Nah!  We carried on to Portugal Cove.

With Portugal Cove tagged the three of us turned our bows southward and flew back catching some impressive surf rides with the wind at our backs.

Back at St. Philips we had tea or coffee an a chat to top off the morning.  Driving home I thought to myself that even the most crappy day in a kayak is way better than a beautiful day home on the couch.


  1. Ahhh!! What fun!!!!I missed you all... I would have loved those waves! :) Thanks for the effort to take these pix Tony!

  2. I thought about you once or twice today *lol*. I know you would have been right at home with us today. There will be lots of other opportunities.

    Tony :-)