Thursday, April 14, 2016

Paddling season officially open, for everyone

April 13th, Wednesday evening, we officially declared the opening of the paddling season with our first evening practice at St. Philips.  Yes, some of us paddled through the winter but we'll welcome the paddlers who hibernated during the winter.

It was warm, 9C and not a breath of wind.  Some of us did a few rolls in the near zero salt water.  The trouble with the cold water, other than its cold, is after a roll the eyeglasses fog up.

No wind or waves so we waited till 6:00 for anyone showing up late before heading off for a paddle to Portugal Cove.

The sunshine cast a golden glow on the land on the right while ...

... on the left it made the water shine like a mirror.

Squeezing between the rocks and ...

... cruising through passages.

Stopping at Beachy Cove for just a minute.

Almost a Portugal Cove and ...

... arrived.

We played around the rocks at Portugal Cove for a while before heading back to St. Philips where we arrived as darkness began to fall.

We'll meet every week from now until early October.  If we get conditions we'll practice rescues and do other fun stuff; if we have calmness, we'll go for a relaxed paddle.  If nothing else, its a nice mid-week break.


  1. Amazing summer-ish evening last night on the water! Sad to see a great winter season pass by, but really excting to look forward to the warmer paddling season. 3 Girls out there last night! A record! :) THANKS TONY!!!!and Everyone!!!

  2. Excited to have Wednesdays up and running again! Yesterday was the perfect way to start it all off!

  3. It certainly was a fine evening with many more to come hopefully.

    Tony :-)