Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Cupid draws her bow ... (Part2)

After a lunch stop in Turks Gut on our way to the community of Cupids we passed through this sea arch and ...

... around this seastack.

The day that started out overcast turned mostly sunny turning black volcanic rocks purplish in the bright sunshine.

We approached another seastack and in the calm conditions paddled through the passage and into ...

... Woody Island Cove with its dramatic red and grey beds dipping to the east.  There ensued a short geology lesson.

Brian, Dean and I paddled past another stack that wasn't obvious until we had paddled past it.  I looked back to see it was wide enough and with just a foot of swell there was also enough water to carry a kayak through.  We went back and forth a couple of times while the rest paddled on unconcerned that we were no longer behind them.

Further along as we played catch up we were in another un-named cove with the dramatic red and grey rocks.  Something big obviously happened here as grey and red sediments were jumbled together, the grey sediments passing through the bedding planes of the red.

Just over an hour after leaving Turks Gut we rounded South Point and entered Great Cove in Brigus Bay.

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