Saturday, February 13, 2016

Before the snow hits the fan

This morning we had a "winter storm warning" in effect.  Snow in the range of 15 - 20 cms was forecast and wind east 30 km/h gusting to 50 increasing to 50 gusting to 80.  The first snow was expected to start at 2:30.  We thought we could squeeze in a paddle before the snow hit.

There was a good skim of ice where we put in.

Eight of us met at 9:00 and were on the water 9:20.  There was no wind, the water was calm and it was near high tide.  That meant the predominant activity was rock hopping.

Everyone except Derrick was into it and that meant at times there were traffic jambs and line-ups.

The temperature was -8C with a wind chill of -14.  It didn't feel that cold but still it was cold enough to form masses of icicles.

Derrick paddled a straight line and was often well ahead of us as we negotiated our way through the rocks and channels.  To stay warm he'd often double back to rejoin the group.

Here's the other Derek, the shorter version of the name.  He put the first ding in his newer kayak today.  From here on it gets easier and less disconcerting when riding up on the rocks.  Trust me!

Those in plastic boats had no concerns squeezing through dicey spots.

I remarked to Dean how several years ago we'd often be out this time of year by ourselves.  Today there were eight of us and could have had more.

We neared the end of the line where we go out to stretch our legs.  Some played in the fresh water rushing out through a breach in the cobble stone beach.  Terry put on a show of how to stand in the kayak and treat it like a paddle board.

We stopped for our usual hot drinks, Brian bought the group a large plate of french fries which we were grateful for based on how fast they disappeared.  It weren't long seated before the first snow began to fall.  Now its coming down so trong that visibility is down to 100 meters.  No matter, we got our paddle fix for the weekend.

Thanks Brian, Cathy, Dean, Derek, Derrick, Shane and Terry for sharing in a most enjoyable paddle.


  1. Thanks for the pix Tony, and the tea, and the fries Brian :)... and the great day everyone! :)

  2. Yes, it was an awesome day Cathy to share with everyone.

  3. Great day for sure and a great group of friends! Glad we got out!

  4. I love those straight line paddles Tony! One of the Outer Island's strong points!

  5. Ya Derrick, I was thinking with all the rock hopping it might have been a bit of a bore to you waiting but I'm gad you had a good day.