Monday, August 17, 2015

Bonavista Bay - Finishing the trip

Sunday, the fourth day and final day of our trip in Bonavista Bay, we agreed on a 8:00 am departure time.  Breakfast was cooked, tents taken down and gear made ready to stow in our kayaks.

On the water at 8:10 we left Flat Island and made for the opening between Bessy Island and Shelf Island heading almost due south.  Winds were forecasted to be from the northeast at 25 kms so if they did materialize they would give us a good push to our destination.

A short 1 km crossing from Bessy Island had us at Willis Island.

Behind us the morning sun crept higher in the cloudy sky while ...

... in front of us lay Varket Channel, a 2.5 crossing from Willis Island to Morris Island interrupted half way by our target of the two hilled Varket Islet.

We had a short stop at Varket Islet to discuss the next objective.  It was decided to continue southwest to Morris Island which would keep the building waves to stern.  Dean, Terry and I however got approval to paddle more southerly in the beam seas and meet the rest at Morris Island.

It was 10:30 when we made Morris Island.  As it was early we had a time-out and stretch before making our final 3.5 km crossing for the day back to our vehicles at Burnside.

Paddling through a narrow channel west of Squid Island we ...

... caught sight of the houses of Burnside.

All good things have to come to an end and so it was with our four day exploration of the islands in Bonavista Bay.

We were lucky with the weather and with the company.  An excellent trip totaling 95 kms.

Here's the track for the return home on day four and ...

... here are the breadcrumbs for the entire four days.


  1. Hello Tony
    Nice blog you have and beautiful pictures.
    I wondered what is the red contraption located on top of your GoPro camera?
    Best regards Heine

  2. Heine, its a prototype of a contraption I made to enable me to turn the camera on with the paddle. Its basically a block of plexiglass with a hole drilled through for a pin that presses the top button on GoPro's stock case. For now I have it taped on the camera but eventually I'll glue it on permanently.

    I should take some pics when I make the final version and do a blog post on it.

    Tony :-)

  3. It sounds like something very useful, and I will look forward to hear and see more about it, since I just bought a sj4000 GoPro clone. thanks for your reply.