Friday, July 13, 2012

Paddling is paddling

Standing up

Recently there's been some discussion on our NewsGroup about different paddling preferences.  Namely, fast open water paddling and slower handrailing along the shore.  Here's another twist on paddling.  Mike showed up with a paddle board.

Store gear on top

There are no hatches so the gear has to be stowed on top.

Scramble on

Mike had the board tethered to his ankle and we were curious about getting back on after falling off.  Lower in the water and broader made it look easy to scramble on.

Exchanging boats

But we were here to kayak.  Mike took advantage of our presence to try the board out and avail of our assistance if needed.

Look out behind

And, we were here to have fun.  Dean pretending to spear Sean in the water.

Down below

One of the more unusual things I've seen in my kayak.   A couple of divers were in the cove.  Their surfacing air bubbles betrayed their presence.  No problem, we were able to share the space.

Anyway, Mike showed that paddling is paddling.  It doesn't matter if you paddle a sea kayak or a whitewater boat, use a Greenland paddle or Euro blade, paddle in open water or along the shore, paddle stormy seas or fair weather conditions.  The way I see it is get out there and have fun.


  1. great entry, Tony; paddling is, indeed, paddling... Sit on a log and use a piece of 2x4 if you want, as long as you are happy to be out there, and are safe doing it. The divers were a real treat... not as ominous as whales when they swam under us...

  2. Word Tony, great post. Funny pic of the "spear shot" lol

  3. Great shots Tony - you guys are really getting into the Greenland spirit. And no I am not putting away the kayak, SUP just another way to train and practice. What a night to hang out on the water.

  4. Thanks guys. I guess in the bigger scheme of things its all about doing what appeals to the individual.

    Glad you like the shots of yourself on the board Mike.

    Tony :-)

  5. That's just it. Paddling is paddling. There will always be someone who claims that what they (themselves) are doing is "the right, and one and only" thing, but... They're so wrong... There's room for everything, and every kind of paddling. :)

  6. You got that right Mia. I'm not likely to go white water kayaking or paddle boarding but more power to those who do.

    Tony :-)