Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot fun in the summertime

Sprung a leak

The kayak is a northern boat.

I don't think the peoples of the north ever considered the kayak would be paddled in tropical locations or for just the sheer pleasure of it.

Yesterday evening it was 26 C but felt like 30 with the humidity.  I thought to myself "Too warm".  But, there is water for cooling so I went.  It was refreshing and to stay cool I filled the cockpit with water.

Getting out

Others did rolls or just fooled around in the water.


The glare of the sun was still strong but it had started to cool so we went for a short paddle.

Rocky shore

The sea was calm except for the small waves generated by sea-doos and other motor boats.

Brilliant sunshine

I've paddled plenty in minus, minus temperatures when I just keep going to keep warm.  In the heat of summer its just  matter of stopping for a dunk to cool down.  Another thing I'm sure the people of the north never considered necessary.

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