Sunday, April 2, 2023

Ice, ice baby!

First paddle of 2023!  Pack ice drifted into Conception Bay for the first time in years so it was a have to paddle.

The ice was close to shore but further up along the coast.  I passed the first piece of floating ice on my way to the ice front.

A more substantial piece had floated into this small indent in the cliffs where water froze into a wall of icicles.

I carried on and met the main field and paddled northerly along its edge.

 It was pretty well all packed closely together with no way through.  I had to accept that my paddle would have to be along its outside edge which I ...

... did and close to Sailing Point I could see that the pack was drifting closer to shore the further north I went.  I was concerned that if I went further my retreat may be cut off so ...

... I had a peek inside Sailing Point where a small bergy bit floated.

There was no going further so content with my first paddle of 2023 I turned south to return.

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