Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bay Bulls - Down the south side

After paddling up the north side of Bay Bulls and crossing to the south side, Gerard, Hazen and I arrive at South Head.  We paddled on to ...

... Red Rock Cove with a good swell running into the constricted cove.  It was only large swell and no breaking waves so we ...

... paddled in and around the rock perched in the cove.  We hung around for a bit before padding uphill over the incoming swell and making our way ...

... through some rough water to ...

... Baboul Rocks, a collection of massive sea stacks.

Making our way between and through the stacks.

Back in the harbour of Bay Bulls we no longer had the swell from the southeast.  We picked our way back paddling into coves dominated by red sandstone cliffs draped with masses of white and ruddy icicles.

It was a marvelous day even under the grey skies that only got better as the promised sun began to make an appearance and patches of blue sky opened up.

The south side has a number of caves.  This one is my favourite.  There's a narrow entrance with barely room to get through until the inside is gained where it opens up.  Gerard and I sat looking out at the world beyond obscured regularly by one meter swell trying to get into the cave with us.

Gerard held his position whereas I let the incoming swell drive me back to get a side shot of him in front of the opening.

The rest of the day was uneventful making our way back to the put-in.  We made a fine choice of day and well content with ourselves as we sipped on coffee before heading home.  Thanks guys!

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