Thursday, November 10, 2016

Deja Vu

I think I've been here before!!!

On Tuesday Brian and I paddled from St Philips to Topsail return.  Invitees Hazen and Pete couldn't come so Brian and I chatted as we made our way in small wind waves and weaving around rocks.  At one point Brian wondered if I kept track of all the times we've paddled this familiar shore.  I had no idea about the numbers off-hand.

I know we paddle there in the spring and when its windy.

I was curious so I checked Stardust's ship's log.  I started recording it in 2009.  For the first three years it was 8 times.

We paddle there in summer when its calm and warm.

In 2012 we paddled this shore 7 times and in the fall.

From 2013 to the current year, and the year is not over yet, the frequency of paddling the shore really picked up; a whopping 54 times in 4 years.

As you can, see we also paddle there in winter.

Its so close by and convenient.  Sometimes I don't feel like a longer drive but I need to get on the water.  St. Philips makes sense.

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