Monday, September 26, 2016

Along a familiar coast

There is a saying that familiarity breeds contempt.  No so for the stretch of coast from St. Philips to Topsail Beach.  Its close by and always different depending on wind, wind direction and tide level.

Sunday morning Clyde, Dean, Derrick and I met to paddle this familiar coast.  The harbour was blocked with the trucks and trailers of persons out for the fall food fishery so we didn't use the slipway but rather ...

... carried our kayaks down over the bank to the river to put in.

We paddled into Snivellers' Gulch and around the Rock of Ages.

We had frost the night before.  The temperature had not yet recovered making it cold on the hands especially while we paddled under the shadow of the cliffs.  This was where Clyde, Dean and I paddled while ...

... Derrick paddled a straight line further off shore and in the sun.

As the morning passed the sun got higher and by the time we were at the rock "Harald Bluetooth" we had moments we were in the sun and moments ...

... we were back in shade.

We stopped at Topsail Beach where we got out to stretch our legs and warm ourselves in the sun.

Its only a short paddle but convenient when time is an issue.  It was just what I needed after an extended absence from paddling but I am back.

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