Monday, January 25, 2016

A short but sweet paddle

Yesterday I could only manage a three hour paddle due to commitments.  I mailed the gang and happy to have seven to join for a few hours.

When I got to St. Philips Brian was there with a new P & H Hammer that he took delivery of a couple of days ago.  Here he's trying to leave blue plastic on the slipway.

We had calm winds but they would strengthen out of the NE later in the morning so we headed north.

It wasn't long before Brian tested the Hammer out in the soup.  There was no wind but a broad open swell of about 1 meter was running making for interesting conditions when it reached the shallow water near shore.

Neville was there also with his Hammer as he paddles past dagger of ice hanging from the cliffs.

Derrick I think had second thoughts about coming given the cold temperature but in the end decided to join us and was happy he did.

One of only a few places that were accessible in the swell an with the right timing.

Terry cruising along.  Later I found out he had already paddled the same route having gotten on the water at 7:30, two hours before us.

Cathy paddling along shore as the water bashes against the rocks.

Almost into Portugal Cove.

At times we were two meters above the rocks riding high on the swell and looking down into the hole caused when the water sucked out.

At Portugal Cove we got out to stretch our legs which gave Neville a chance to check his skeg.

It wasn't a day to test fate around the rocks though Terry did and got away with it.  It was three hours in good conditions getting my fix for the week.  Now I start looking at next weekend's forecast.

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