Saturday, January 3, 2015

My mahoosive paddle year

My last paddle for 2014 was a December 28th paddle with Clyde and Neville in wind and choppy seas.  Sort of representative of the year overall.

So, the numbers are in and the verdict is it was a mahoosive paddle year.

I was in my kayak 90 times.  I had 59 day paddles totaling 1050 kms, I went to 8 pool sessions, 14 practices (non-paddles) in St. Philips Thursday evenings, 5 bounces in St. Philips and 2 times on Topsail Pond.  The bounces were slogs into strong winds and large waves for return surf rides.

Of the 59 day paddles, 27 were out of St. Philips to either Portugal Cove or Topsail Beach contributing 306 kms to the overall total.  These were usually in windy conditions; four were solo.

The remaining 32 day paddles averaged 23 kms per trip.

My most constant paddle companions were: Dean (36), Hazen (24), Neville (19), Brian (16) and Clyde (12).  Dean has me paddling with him 43 times but includes some Thursday evenings for which I didn't note who attended.

I paddled four times with newcomer Terry and expect to more frequently in 2015.

I find keeping a rough log interesting as it helps me set goals for the new year ahead.  That will take some thought over the next few days.

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  1. Impressive summary. Might have to check my own year to compare. ;)