Friday, October 10, 2014

The season ends for St. Philips practices

Thursday evening was our last practice/paddle/social for the year.  We've been meeting every Thursday evening since early April to practice various rescues, paddle strokes etc but on calm evenings we've usually gone for a short paddle.

The evenings in October are getting very short with it pretty much dark at 7:00 so then we call it quits.

On our last evening there were just three of us.  This was Sean.

We left the cove at 6:00 and paddled half an hour up the coast before turning around to put us back in the cove as darkness falls.  The light was failing even as we left the cove.  This was Reha.

While there were only three of us on the final evening, we've averaged between 6 - 7 per evening over the season and I believe the record for 2014 was 12.  Most are regulars but we did have several come out for the first time and I know they benefited from the opportunity to paddle with more experienced paddlers.

An half hour up the coast followed by a wind and mini-surf assisted push back put us in the boat basin at St. Philips at 6:50 in darkening skies.

I'll miss Thursday evenings now because it was a go every Thursday unless it conditions were truly attrocious.  Rain, sun, wind or calm it went ahead.  Thanks to everyone who participated this year.

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