Saturday, May 11, 2019

Cape Broyle surprise

Friday there were two mixed forecasts for Saturday.  One was for drizzle and rain showers; the other for cloudy skies.  I suggested making a decision Saturday morning.  In the morning Brian suggested Cape Broyle as we had not been there in a while.

Brian, Cathy, Clyde, Dean, Roy, Sue, Terry and I drove to Cape Broyle and as we arrived our eyes just popped out our heads with the size of icebergs at the head of the bay.

The paddle in Cape Broyle followed the usual recipe when we paddle there.  The first stop was to check out the falls where Horsechops River tumbles into the sea.

Then it was east until we reached the Narrows, the narrowest point in the harbour where we crossed to the south side.

We paddled between seastacks and the shore and ...

... under dominating cliffs with waterfalls and ...

... the signature seastack in Lance Cove where we stopped for a bite to eat as it was 12:30, all the while with the icebergs on our minds.

Back in the boats we paddled further east out the harbour where several bergs floated on the water, here framed between a rock and the cliff.

Dean and I paddled closer to shore and checked out this smaller berg first before I ..

... paddled out to the main attraction.  This berg was huge with four towers (three visible in this shot) all joined to a base underwater.

I was joined by Cathy, Clyde, Roy and Terry.

I paddled around the iceberg which showed a different face and on the right, the shorter fourth tower.

We hung out for a while before Cathy, Clyde and I were the last to head back to the takeout.  With the boats loaded on the cars and the wet gear stowed, the eight of us had a bite to eat at the restaurant before leaving for home..

I did not expect to see an iceberg when I left town.  I knew there were many, many off of our shores and with the recent northerly winds there will be dozens to to visit this year as can be seen on this ...

... Environment Canada chart of icebergs in iceberg alley.

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