Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The adventure begins

On the road

Ralph contacted Stan and myself some time ago about completing a kayak trip along the south coast of Newfoundland from Rose Blanche to Burgeo. In a nutshell, the plan was to catch a ferry on Tuesday from Burgeo to Grand Bruit and then on Wednesday onwards to Rose Blanche where we would start our 4 day paddle trip back to Burgeo.

The theme of the trip was centered around the final ferry run to Grand Bruit, a community that has existed for more than 150 years and was being resettled at the end of June. In future a kayak trip along this stretch of coast will require a car shuttle of 300 kms or so. Or, a private operator will have to step in to replace the government ferry service.

The trip started with a drive of a tad under 900 kms from St. John's to Burgeo.

Burgeo Haven by the Sea

When we planned our trip we decided to get into Burgeo a couple of days early and stay at the B & B "Burgeo Haven, Inn on the Sea" while doing 2 day paddles until our ferry departure date. Ralph had done the research on the B & B and told us they were all set up to cater to sea kayakers. He wasn't wrong but more on that later.

Typical Burgeo

Stan brought his professional camera to take high end pictures on our trip and after getting ourselves checked in at the B & B he was anxious to get out and capture the charm of Burgeo.

Burgeo is a town built on land heavily indented by the sea. There were many fishing stages and slipways in each indention and endless opportunities for someone with a photographic eye.

I got a few shots but mostly acted as photographer's helper carrying Stan's tripod around and watching him in action.

Boats afloat

After walking around most of Burgeo Stan and I toddled back to the B & B to crash and make sure we were ready for our first paddle out of Burgeo. The plan for the next day was a day paddle to Red Island.

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